Yesterday I was helping Ann to finish her very first  rug!
The background was bothering her as it was  made up of totally straight lines . . . .It is a good sized rug with a rather large background so we introduced some wave type lines to get off track a bit.
This is a Mary Anne Wise pattern that Ann started in a workshop at Mary Annes while out in Minneapolis last year.It is a delightful pattern and makes me feel that yes spring is on the way . . . .
There are some different types of wool thickness wise -used here and many textures all mixed together-hard to see in my photo perhaps  . . .the loops are a bit crude (done on purpose) for a very primitive look.
This rug will go on the floor when completed!

It did have a black binding sew on by machine-it has been ripped off of course because the rug will finish past that black line!
One reason why -for me- the pre-sewn binding is not a good idea!I never know where the border will finish!

The  big problem is-that both Ann and Mary Anne have run out of background!
It is a mix of subtle beige textures  and cream colour spotted  confetti like all over with  very pale sort of grey pink spots!!
So its to the dye kitchen for me this afternoon!