DYE day results after yesterdays weather reports!

Tangerine RED formula
using majic carpet dyes (you can use Pro Chem but I am not sure what the results would be)

1/8 teas RED (PC 338 or 351)
1/8 teas Yellow (PC 119)
1/128 teas Blue (PC 490)
1/128 teas Black (PC 672)
+ 1 cbw and 1/3 teas citric acid

This formula is good for wool fabric and the same method . . . .but
I SPOT dyed over about 250 grams of fine hand spun 100%wool YARN.
It will be used for knitting a SHAWL on a knitting machine! I am an avid HAND KNITTER but also have a business of knitting DESIGNS on the machine which is as fun and challenging as figuring out how to do this blog!Only difference is I have knit on machines with computers for 20 years!

After the formula was mixed . . .I SPOT it on the yarn as I would with scrunched up wool fabric in a OXO fashion.

Then as in photo I mashed it down with a potato masher . . .. and spread the dye out . . .
this makes different values of the RED.
I repeated several times . . .
getting more and more of the day solution on . .

until I had all the solution in the pan, as in last photo.

I added about 1/2 cup of water to the bottom of pan just to make sure there was enough liquid . . .

Covered pan with tin foil and steamed in the oven @ 300 F for 45 mins or so.

This is not a really Christmas Red but it is what my customer wanted . . .
Dry on a radiator then make into BALLS on winder . .
.then knit up!