Happy Halloween Whirligig

Happy Halloween !


from the American Folk Art Museum! 
This whirligig is simple in construction, comprising a brightly painted elemental figure with a propeller at the front. Its interest is derived primarily from the unusual imagery of a witch riding a broomstick, as witches are infrequent subjects of American folk art. The witch appears to fly around when the propeller is turned by the wind.

Image: "Witch On A Broomstick Whirligig" Artist unidentified, New England, United States, late nineteenth century, paint on wood with twigs and metal, 12 1/4 × 12 1/4 × 5 1/4", collection American Folk Art Museum, gift of Leo and Dorothea Rabkin: 1987.13.1. 
Photo credit: John Parnell

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                FIRST DAY of LOBSTER SEASON 
This was early this morning in south west NOVA SCOTIA e.g.. . .DIGBY NECK.
Thank you cousin Gary Wilson for this beautiful shot taken  as the boats left the wharf in the cove!Cold and wet time of year to be heading out for the first day claiming your spot loaded with traps. Bravo to you all!I hope its a great season and a decent price is in store for your efforts!


This cooler weather brings out all the winter preparations around our home. . . . and here I share a couple of  Kitchen scenes  . . .. 
Maud Lewis Kitchen and her wood stove 
with  a very Nova Scotia style rug in front.

My Kitchen stove in Quebec with my great grandmothers rug in front.It was hooked in Nova Scotia about 24 miles from Maud's House outside Digby. . .but most likely 50 years before Maud lived in her little house.


While trying to find new inspiration I fell into Pinterest and came upon these terrific quilts by Eleanor McCain!
I love their carefree simple mix of colours and shapes!
I am all for simple these days-so thank you Eleanor for your inspiring works!
Its a rainy day here today and the colours are shinning out to me and so are these warm comfy  bed wrappings here for us . . . . 


I love this little  autumn coloured  farm scene by Mattie Lou O'Kelly . . . .seen somewhere  on the internet . . .Love the story it tells  and the simplicity.I am all about  simple things these days and although the scene is busy the overall feeling is unpretentious and simple things of life.Yellow ,white, pink  and turquoise trees . . . .and fields . . .thank you Mattie . . . . .

Computer thoughts

After several months  of computer glitches I am now able to post again and shall try to catch up. . . . . .by posting since it is now possible . . .
Taking a computer break is not a totally bad thing!
I suggest one trys it now and then!
How easily our lives get taken up by  other things -thank goodness!


This is insanely gorgeous!!
Anna Torma Quilt detail

"Just My Imagination" a group show of Canadian drawing at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery in Calgary, AB

This is insanely gorgeous!!
"Just My Imagination" a group show of Canadian drawing at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery in Calgary, AB

'' Enchanting Embroidery '' by  Anna Torma, embroidered quilt detail, "Just My Imagination", Calgary, AB

Bravo Anna it's wonderful!

(Source: Flickr / jdueck) seen on Pinterest



Voila my Easter rabbit . . .
I have never tried to make a chocolate one  but I love this beautiful chocolate mold, that I could use if I wanted . . .somehow just looking at it is good enough.
HAve a wonderful Easter EGG HUNT!

I found my rabbit not in the forrest . . .but . . . in Paris many years ago at my favourite kitchen shop 
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